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TRP, quality you can trust!

TRP is the parts programme developed by Paccar Parts, alongside the DAF original parts programme to provide you with a 'one-stop' parts solution. The TRP programme includes parts for all makes of truck, trailers, tail lifts, body and a wide range of workshop consumables and tools. Whether your vehicle combination is maintained by yourself or by your DAF dealer, you can save time and money through the TRP programme. And increase the mobility of your operations at the same time..

 TRP offers:
- A comprehensive range of All Makes truck and trailer parts and workshop consumables - for a complete parts solution.
- Off the shelf availability through an International Dealer network for same day and next day delivery.
- Value for money quality parts that meet the demands of maximum vehicle uptime.
- Skilled, fully trained parts staff to identify the right part first time.
- Well documented parts catalogue
- Broad range of parts
- Competitive Pricing - Value for Money
- Full DAF Warranty
- Quality Parts as standard
- Customer Delivery Service.

TRP Range

The TRP Range is broad and varied and is continually being expanded, so you'll always find what you need right here. The TRP assortment includes parts for all common brands of trailers and semi-trailers. Our fast delivery service ensures high parts availability all from one location. What could be faster or more convenient? The TRP parts programme saves you time and money.

All makes

 Variety, as they say, is the spice of life. But when it comes to the servicing and replacement of parts, in a mixed fleet, it's much more convenient to have just one point of contact, one single visit and one single invoice when it comes to keeping your vehicles up and running in a cost effective way. That's why Paccar Parts offers TRP's comprehensive All Makes range of truck parts and workshop consumables via its dealers. Quality you can trust from leading OEM suppliers as well as the TRP guaranteed label parts.

The right combination

No single make of truck can be best suited to every application. Fleet operators make a balanced choice of vehicles that will best meet the requirements of a whole variety of different transport and logistics tasks from long distance trunking, and groupage, to multi-drop distribution.

The choice of truck or trailer also depends on the goods being transported, from bulk petrochemicals to foodstuffs, dry stuffs to machinery, electrical equipment or flowers. Supply and demand, availability, discounting and dealership performance also affect the final choice of truck and trailer.

So most operators will tend to have a mixed fleet of vehicles, with variety serving them well. But when it comes to the servicing and replacement of parts, in a mixed fleet, it's much more convenient to have just one point of contact, one single visit and one single invoice to keep your vehicles up and running in a cost effective way. That's why Paccar Parts offers TRP's comprehensive All Makes range of truck and trailer parts via its dealers as well as via its external network of advisers. Quality you can trust from more than 50 leading OEM brands as well as the TRP guaranteed label parts.

TRP supplies a comprehensive range of more than 60,000 parts via a network of 1000 dealers in 26 countries covering such leading makes as MAN, Mercedes, Renault, Iveco, Scania and Volvo.

 Trailer & Body Parts

Behind every good tractor there's a trailer or superstructure of one kind or other. A different one for every application from curtain siders, slide siders to twin or lifting deck trailers and rigid bodies, ambient or refrigeration units to bulk transporters. Yet while trailers tend to be locally made, to meet specific market demands, they are assembled from industry standard parts. That's where TRP comes into its own once again with its comprehensive range of trailer parts to meet virtually every retrofit requirement at a cost effective price.
- All Makes
- Workshop consumables of every kind
- Value for money quality products for same or next day delivery
- TRP comprehensive easy reference catalogue
- ClimaTech authorized dealer for cost effective airco service.
- Full range of trailer & body parts for retrofitting

As the driving force of the European economy, the truck trailer combination moves every conceivable kind of product, from foodstuffs to machinery, petrochemicals to electrical or electronic equipment. In conditions that vary from the heat of the Mediterranean summer to chilly northern winters, smooth wide motorways to bumpy tracks.
So a great variety of trailers are needed to serve specific markets. Consequently, trailers tend to be locally made, to meet specific market demands. However, they are assembled from industry standard running gear.
That's where TRP comes into its own once again with its comprehensive range of All Makes trailer parts to meet virtually every requirement at a cost effective price.
Arvin Meritor, BPW, Daimler Chrysler, Fruehauf, Gigant, Hendrickson, SAF and SMB - just some of the leading OEM trailer parts supplied by TRP. Including axles, air brakes, suspension, towing accessories, mud guards - and everything fleet operators need to keep their fleet rolling and maximize up-time.

 TRP Consumables

The harder they work, the more they use. Large articulated trucks run five to six days a week, 48 weeks a year on trunk routes. Lighter trucks used for multi-drop deliveries, need to withstand equally demanding stop-start operation and idling in traffic. So every part of the engine, transmission and axles need to be properly lubricated and greased to keep things running smoothly and protected at high running temperatures.
For every grease, fluid, oil or additive your hard working vehicles need, TRP has the right quality approved product to meet your workshop requirements. And the tools to help facilitate all service and maintenance operations. Quality you can trust at value for money prices.

A full range of quality consumables for all your workshop needs

- Specified and packaged to ensure personal Safety and Hygiene
- Sealants & Adhesives that stick to the job
- Lubricants and greases specified to take the load
- Cleaning products to flush out residues
TRP also supply a complete range of paints and fasteners of every kind.
All of TRP's practices and products are tested and approved to the highest industry and governmental legislation.

TRP, for quality you can trust.


You'll find everything you need for your trailer, body parts, workshop consumables and tools in this TRP Programme. Once you find your part, simply call or visit "TRAXPARTS UKRAINE Ltd" to order. We have a wide range of parts in stock, and the parts we don't have will, in most cases, be delivered on shortest notice.

Advantages of TRP:

You can expect excellent quality, service and attractive prices for all parts.
Full DAF international warranty on all parts - no reason to worry!
One-stop shop: no time-consuming search - everything for truck, trailer and workshop at "TRAXPARTS UKRAINE Ltd".

Your transport partner

TRP is just one of the many ways that PACCAR Parts supports your transport business. "TRAXPARTS UKRAINE Ltd" is your partner in transport. Under one roof, you'll find professionals who can help you choose the best truck, arrange financing, schedule repair according to your planning, tailor maintenance to your requirements, and get your parts and accessories - quickly and easily. Everything you need to keep moving and earning.

TRP Quality

Only the best parts will do when it comes to your truck or trailer. Poor quality parts wear out faster and provide inferior performance which can increase your downtime. TRP products help eliminate that concern. TRP products are an extension to the existing range of DAF Genuine parts. TRP supplies from trailer suspensions and axles, to loading ramps and workshop consumables. With TRP, only the very best products that meet our stringent quality standards are supplied, and of course, we stand behind all the products that we sell with the DAF national warranty terms and conditions.

Ordering TRP products

You can find everything you need in the extensive TRP catalogue. A single telephone call or a visit to "TRAXPARTS UKRAINE Ltd" is all it takes to obtain the parts you need. Take a moment to consider how much time and money you will save! Because your DAF dealer is professionally trained, not only can you obtain parts, you can also have repairs and maintenance performed.

You can read TRP catalogue on-line!


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