Throughout the company's history of over 90 years, ZF has continuously further developed with new products, technologies, acquisitions, and internationalization: from the gear factory for the production of gears and transmissions for the Zeppelin airships to one of the major international automotive suppliers.

ZF technology in commercial vehicles

Optimizing freight transport

The demands placed on commercial vehicle technology are becoming more and more complex. Particularly in goods transport, vehicles are expected to operate as efficiently as possible. This expectation is met by extremely durable, state-of-the-art transmissions, driveline components, axles, chassis components and steering systems that lower the total cost of ownership. They also have to ensure operational safety, reliability and usability. With its driveline and chassis technology, ZF plays a key role in meeting today's demands.

Comfort in commercial vehicles

Comfort in the cab is not a luxury - it's a means to an end. Key features include vibration damping, along with easy clutch operation and steering these are all areas in which ZF products play a key role. Ride comfort enhances driver concentration and improves working conditions. These factors are essential for a safe journey and to ensure the driver, vehicle and cargo arrive on time.

System networking in commercial vehicles

Progressive thinking

The future of commercial vehicle technology lies in interoperable systems. These are designed to enhance safety and economy in vehicle operation.

Coordinated action

The handling of a commercial vehicle is dependent on a wide range of factors, including the condition and gradient of the road, current speed, lateral acceleration, etc. Coordinated action of all electronically controlled modules is essential to ensure the vehicle operates in an optimal range at all times. Managing the resulting volume of data without interface and adaptation problems is only possible with structured software using uniform data protocols on the same platform. To achieve this goal, ZF is working with engineering and system partners from vehicle manufacturers to network the transmission, chassis and cab dampers, along with the steering system and other chassis components in commercial vehicles.

Product Overview

Worldwide, ZF products make a major contribution to mobility. ZF develops and produces transmissions, steering systems, axles, and chassis components as well as complete systems for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and off-road machinery. ZF is also an important transmission specialist for special and rail vehicles, marine craft, and helicopters.


Buses & Coaches
Off-Road Equipment
Rail Vehicles
Lift Trucks
Machine and System Construction
Test Systems
Civil Mobile Cranes and Special Vehicles
Military Vehicles
Agricultural Machines

ZF driveline technology in modern commercial vehicles

Drive Economically

ZF transmission systems have been setting new standards in commercial vehicle driveline technology for many years. The quality of synchromesh transmissions from the the Ecolite, Ecomid and Ecosplit series has been proven in millions of systems. The AS Tronic line of automatic transmissions sets new standards for economy, safety and convenience. ZF driveline components are also easy on the powertrain and take the strain off the driver.

ZF automatic transmissions

For long-distance freight transport, local distribution traffic and special-purpose vehicles, for light vans and super heavyweights, ZF has the right automatic transmission for all applications.

- TC Tronic
- AS Tronic lite
- AS Tronic mid
- AS Tronic

Ecomat \ Intarder and power take-offs

The 6-speed Ecomat automatic transmission was specially designed to meet the needs of fire fighting and municipal vehicles.

Safe braking and versatile:

Power take-offs

ZF manual transmissions \ HyTronic: innovative driving

The key benefits of the hybrid concept are fully utilized in local distribution vehicles in urban traffic.

- Ecosplit
- Ecomid
- Ecolite
- HyTronic
- Electric Machines

ZF chassis technology in modern commercial vehicles

Rugged and safe on the road

Commercial vehicle weight can range from one extreme to the other between fully laden and unloaded. Other factors - such as cross winds and road surface - influence vehicle handling. In the face of these changing conditions, commercial vehicles have to remain safely controllable: with ZF components for suspension, axle guidance, damping and springs, together with ZF chassis systems.

CALM pneumatic spring module \ Steering systems 

Optimal damping and springs: CALM (Cabin Air Leveling Module) absorbs Extreme shocks. It also regulates the driver's cab level

Easier steering for commercial vehicles:

- 4-point steering link
- 3-point steering link
- Servoline rack and pinion power steering

CDC damping system \ ZF independent suspension for heavy commercial vehicles

Maximum dynamic safety: CDC (Continuous Damping Control) continuously monitors all influences, including road condition, vehicle motion and the driver's actions.

ZF has developed a chassis concept for heavy commercial vehicles, combining independent suspension with pneumatic spring modules and linear steering. This "chassis of the future" enables lower axle weight, a tighter turning circle, improved road holding, better ride comfort and enhanced safety.

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