Attention! Effects of the use of aggressive detergents!

Damage to parts and vehicle systems, as well as paints and coatings, due to the use of aggressive detergents.

Complaints drivers

Damage / korrozirovanie systems, plastic, aluminum components, galvanized and painted surfaces.


Application overbased cleaners (pH value> 11.5) with caustic properties, which leads to negative results.


Improper use of overbased cleaners with pH> 11.5.


Visible and physical damage to systems and surfaces.


Use cleaners and detergents that have a pH <11.5.

DAF Trucks N.V. I spent a lot of time and effort in achieving the quality and durability of the vehicle, its systems and coatings. Our attention is drawn to the fact that in some cases items of washing and cleaning are not respected "practical advice" from DAF. In use there are many specialized cleaners and the cleaners have high pH (alkaline), or other corrosive properties. Improper use of these products can lead to irreversible damage to the vehicle and its systems: wiring, pneumatic tubes of brake system, external paints, anti-corrosion coating of aluminum components.

DAF Trucks N.V. He wants to draw attention to some practical advice:news33

1. Compatibility with the surfaces of substances sensitive to alkalis, should be checked before use, in case of doubt, please contact your dealer.
2. It is not recommended to use the cleaning agent in direct sunlight, particularly at high ambient temperature and / or the vehicle on the hot and / or part of its construction.
3. Always clean the car completely wetted with water prior to use properly diluted cleaner.
4. Make sure that the cleaner / detergent diluted in the proportion recommended by the manufacturer.
5. Apply the cleaning solution on the spot from a distance. DAF recommends a minimum distance of 50 cm
6. Do not let the cleaning / detergent solution sohnul without washing clean, chemical free water.

Outside cabin cleaning.

Paint cabin is subject to corrosive substances:
- Road salt;
- Sand;
- Air pollution;
- etc.
Therefore, the paint should be cleaned regularly.
When washing the cabin, take care to:
- Do not use detergent based on caustic soda (used not only corrosive
- Use only a soft brush
- All seams, cracks and closing of doors carefully washed.
It is recommended to wash the paint using shampoo TRP№1674536, proposed by DAF.

The above list is by no means definitive, and therefore, when using the cleaning / detergent works should be consulted for specific processes.

DAF issued general instructions on cleaning in the driver's manual in the section "Cleaning and washing", for more information please contact «Service Rapido». Customers requiring more information should contact the dealer.

Abnormalities in the selection and use of aggressive chemicals and other substances, which leads to damage to the above are not considered guaranteeing

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